Meeting between two of the biggest names of the contemporary scene, the exhibition AD VIM EXTERMINA is not limited to a simple duo show. For more than 6 months, L’Atlas and Franck Noto (Zest) have been working in close collaboration in order to realize a series of works with 4 hands despite the 1000km that separate their workshops.

Thought as a game between them, where one comes to erase, to cover, to upset the work of the other and conversely according to the comings and goings between workshops, the exhibition built itself around this hard core of works.
Far from being a reminder of Rauschenberg’s ” Erased De Kooning “, and more sympathetic than the ” Toyage “, this artistic correspondence highlights their differences but even more so their complementarity.

Pictures by Olivia Michel

Année: 2021

YEAR :2021

Lieu: ArtCan Gallery, Marseille, France

LOCATION :ArtCan Gallery, Marseille, France

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