Jubilee Art – United Arab Emirates Year of the Fiftieth

At the end of 2021, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Youth and Education asked Franck Noto to produce a work celebrating the country’s 50th anniversary.

The objective of this project was to intervene in a school in each emirate and to work in collaboration with a class in order to create a mural representing the first sentence of the national anthem.
The sentence taking shape thanks to different colored panels representing pixels, each student had the task of painting one or two panels, then embellishing it with black marker with drawings or words representing their vision of the United Arab Emirates, which they inspires this celebration.

The pixels were then assembled on black panels according to the model of the artist, on the boundary wall of each school.

Année: 2021

YEAR :2021

Lieu: Émirats Arabes Unis

LOCATION :Émirats Arabes Unis

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