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“Our perception of an artwork is completely subjective and different from one person to another.“ – Franck ‚Zest‘ Noto, 2022

The essence of Franck ‚Zest‘ Noto’s artistic practice lies in three main parameters: gesture, movement, and color variation. The fascinating series entitled Perception is on view online from January 30th to February 5th 2022.
The artist established a visual vocabulary that reflects the his mark-making graffiti roots that evolved into gestural abstraction. The hand, respectively with the spray can, drawn lines emphasize the primal and pure aura of the urban. Without mechanical intervention, the aesthetics appear rough and evoke a trace of humanity and transience. 
Painting large walls takes full body effort. Noto translates this movement-practice that he ingrained for years onto his canvases, which capture this dynamic. His artworks reminiscent enduring power of graffiti and the transmission of the urban. 
This series encloses the artist’s fascination with raw gestural and repetitive writing while capturing a melody of vibrant colors. Franck ‚Zest‘ Noto has developed a language of expression that unites the ritualistic repetition of a calligraphic art form with timeless abstraction that affects the audience’s perception.
Another topic that Noto is passionate about and accentuates in his art works is the individuality of perception. Perception is defined as the subject’s reaction to an external stimulation manifested by chemical phenomena at the level of the senses. From its latin roots “percipere”, the word literally means “grasp by the senses”.
Art is therefore a sensory exploration that everyone can experience differently in his own reality. It does not matter, whether it is by seeing, feeling, hearing or smelling it – Noto emphasizes the importance of the individual point of view, which is the only perception that matters when appreciating an artwork.

Tania Di Brita

Année: 2022

YEAR :2022

Lieu: Zurich, Suisse

LOCATION :Zurich, Suisse

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