Smoke gets in your eyes – 44309 Gallery

Duo show with Flavien Demarigny [Mambo]

Two artists, each with an individual style in a “common relationship”.
With Flavien Demarigny and Franck Noto, what we realized, after we presented both individually in different group shows in 2020, that they have many things in common, both are part of the global crew VAO, with a great history of more than 25 years.
We felt that both have the same colour feel and sensitivities in their compositions. They both developed from a graffiti background to become abstract minimalistic artists,
educated by lessons they learned along the way as humans.

Olaf & Dany

Année: 2022

YEAR :2022

Lieu: Dortmund, Allemagne

LOCATION :Dortmund, Allemagne

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