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Franck Noto is the ambassador of a painting that freely descends the long roads of abstraction. Defying any idea of ​​aesthetic stagnation, it is with rigor that he works to paint a work that synthesizes his various influences. A work that gives life to a unique and identifiable style. In his studio in Montpellier, he expresses the experimental character that animates him, anxious to bring his unique style to life through a succession of stages.

The line as beginning and end. Far from the quarrel of color, flashy, marking history and memory. Rewriting in a motionless way the movement. Everything is elegance of line, of gesture. Here is in a few words how we describe the latest artistic evolution of Franck Noto’s work.

For his first solo exhibition in Brussels, the artist blurs the tracks, and gives us an appointment with the very essence of his art. Unadorned, direct and raw, his work sucks us in. Composed in successive layers mixing flat areas, reserves, and layers of paint, gradually revealing themselves to the eye of the spectator who will know how to take the time. Because yes, behind the apparent simplicity hides like a personality, a multitude of nuances pushing us to reflection, to meditation.

Extend Gallery

Année: 2022

YEAR :2022

Lieu: Bruxelles, Belgique

LOCATION :Bruxelles, Belgique

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